Tuesday, February 20

Fun of working with my org

I really enjoy my work place and the thought that I may have to leave it soon is like making me dull.

I happen to be one of the first few employees, took an active part in many activities and still taking. I enjoyed and enjoy each end every moment here. I love the freedom I get to do the work I love to do and enjoy more. I love the attention the management pays for each employee and the support they give for us, in professional and personal things. They make sure that we have a comfortable personal life so that we can work well at office.

and women in general, they do enjoy the benefits of working from home when required, and all support is given to them when it is crucial for them. Most important, when they are married.

Who does not love the company that pays personal attention and shows intrest on your growth and personal happiness? But, there is a catch here, you should be a performing person to enjoy these. Yep, we perform, keep the management happy and they keep us happy.

one more thing is that we have the immense satisfaction of shaping the future and growth of a company. We have a part to play in many activities and our suggestions are valued.

all these good things, they make me feel like I am going away from my family. This became my family in the last few years I had been here. We shared all the moments, good and bad, developed the bonding, and a huge raport. I do call up some of our management guys on their mobile, even our COO, when I feel like talking to them.

I am really happy that I am here. When I joined in 2004, I was 26th employee and 18th IT employee. Today, we have 500+ Work force. And am happy to be part of it and having a taken the right decision to relocate to Chennai on the night I got the call for interview from Chennai. Aryagowda road. ...

Chennai and Me - 1

First time I visited chennai was in 1985 I think, when I was doing my 4th standard.

I was overawed and and also confused on seeing huge roads, the big flyovers (Gemini and Kodambakkam), the parks, etc.

We got down at Central, and then reached Mambalam busstand (TNagar) to go to my aunt's house. they were put up near to the bus stand and we got lost. Cos, dad cannot speak Tamil and no one spoke any other language here.

My maternal aunt was at Kodambakkam and uncle as a film actor. He is no more now. But, then, he was a popular actor. There were always some one at home when he was at home.

We made this trip to Chennai as a part of the trip that we make to different places once in 4 years. We visited Snake park, some temples, and then, headed to Bangalore, to another aunt's place, from where we headed to Mysore. That was a different story at Mysore.

But, this first trip has still some memories, like the smell of the fish that comes when u get down at Central (you can still get it, but only on platform 2 now :-) ), the huge roads, the big trees, the magnificient Gemini flyover with different ways, endless roads, the vast mount road and the old buildings, and then, the famous sundalu from marina beach.

Many of them are gone now, or changed. But, the initial memories have not yet faded :-)

I made many trips later, and am now at Chennai. different experiences in each trip and I will note them here, sooner or later...

Changes in personal life

Life has been pretty hectic these days... for a change, not work. Getting married and relocating, I have to take care of lot of activities on personal front and also take care of some of the things related to marriage.

Its tough initially managing all these, but, now, i am getting used to that. These changes in personal life that are going to happen soon had stopped me from updating my blogs frequently. I guess that it may not happen till I get married.