Friday, June 13

Literary interest of Sri Sutti Veerabhadrarao Garu

Well, I wanted to complete this post in Telugu, but could not type so fast.

Anyway, one of the readers of my earlier blog post, Girish, commented about the high literary words used in his dialects.

That prompted me to give this post.

Uncle has been an avid reader of various literary works. He has a great collection of telugu literary works, and many plays. I remember, as a child, after his demise, when I picked up reading high literary works, I used to read as many books as I can during the holiday visits I made. Sometimes, I used to get lost in those works that I used to get scoldings from my brother for missing breakfast and lunch :) I still scan thorough the collection to find books that missed my eyes.

Coming back, yes, he does have a great interest in Telugu literature and the Telugu language. He spent all those years in Chennai without having to speak Tamil most of the times. His films are different from the Stage plays and the Radio plays he had enacted.

His voice was so beautiful and youthful, that anyone who listened to him in films will not recognise him. Silamurali, his play for AIR, Vijayawada is my all time favourite and I love to listen to it everytime.

His Son and Daughter are planning to come up with a website, and working on that. So many things about him, but reserving them for the website. And for those who are not aware, there is a book on him and Velu, co-authored by them, a comedy play sort of book. More about it next time.