Tuesday, September 14


It's a long time since I blogged. I was carrying vish when I blogged last. And these two years, it is quite a learning experience. Watching the kid grow and the experience of being a first time mother, and then all the responsibilities as a mother, wife and a working lady accompanied by the old role of daughter and sister , well it's different. Now, thanks to my smartphone, am able to pursue many activities and also perform my duties well. Thanks to technology, we can do many things.
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Saturday, November 8

Who is the Author with a tone of Anti India?????

No permanent babus for the US president to deal with - Yahoo! India News: "No permanent babus for the US president to deal with

Fri, Nov 7 11:05 AM

Washington, Nov.7 (ANI): Imagine not inheriting a permanent bureaucracy. Freedom to bring in your own babus. It is every Indian politician's dream. Here in 'the land of the free', it is a privilege that the President enjoys. He is not encumbered with a permanent bureaucracy. So on January 20th, when President elect Barack Obama becomes President Obama, he will bring with him a whole new team."

The above is an extract of an article that I came across on Indian Portal of Yahoo.

I am really surprised at the Anti-Indian tone in the article. Looks like the Author does not have enough knowledge of the happenings, rather, would like to feign so.

India is one of the Bureaucratic countries with lot of policies, and has made a place for itself in the world, with its Bureaucracy and policies. Its true that there are lot of visible differences in the governing. How about the invisible similarities? And for those people who say that the system is better here in USA, I would say that the life is much better in India.

You have many freedoms and there are no bills that watch the steps of an individual. While people who commit crimes cannot escape here, there are many innocent people who cannot escape the eyes of non-innocent, using the same technology. An identity of the person is based on the records stored in a computer, and if they are lost, the identity is lost. The bright side here is that, if you mind your business, take care and get into a good job, the life here is peaceful and serene. You can spend vacations at good places making use of deals, visit India with pomp and grandeur, thanks to the difference in Monetary conversion.

There are many things that are better in India, and it would be better if these columnists highlight the good things of India. I would say that every country has its good and bad, just like every individual has both the characteristics imbibed in them. It all depends on the outlook, and media should be playing a positive role on this, instead of making things hard.

Friday, June 13

Literary interest of Sri Sutti Veerabhadrarao Garu

Well, I wanted to complete this post in Telugu, but could not type so fast.

Anyway, one of the readers of my earlier blog post, Girish, commented about the high literary words used in his dialects.

That prompted me to give this post.

Uncle has been an avid reader of various literary works. He has a great collection of telugu literary works, and many plays. I remember, as a child, after his demise, when I picked up reading high literary works, I used to read as many books as I can during the holiday visits I made. Sometimes, I used to get lost in those works that I used to get scoldings from my brother for missing breakfast and lunch :) I still scan thorough the collection to find books that missed my eyes.

Coming back, yes, he does have a great interest in Telugu literature and the Telugu language. He spent all those years in Chennai without having to speak Tamil most of the times. His films are different from the Stage plays and the Radio plays he had enacted.

His voice was so beautiful and youthful, that anyone who listened to him in films will not recognise him. Silamurali, his play for AIR, Vijayawada is my all time favourite and I love to listen to it everytime.

His Son and Daughter are planning to come up with a website, and working on that. So many things about him, but reserving them for the website. And for those who are not aware, there is a book on him and Velu, co-authored by them, a comedy play sort of book. More about it next time.

Tuesday, March 18

Long long time....

It has been a very long time since I posted here. Last was during my uncle's shashtyabda poorthi celebrations. So many events happened after that.

We recently celebrated our first marriage anniversary. when I look back, I realise that there has been a major change in this year. Change seems to be sticking with me, becoming my fav blog topic. This time, the change came in persona, the lifestyle, the surroundings. In single word, the world around me has changed. Good or bad, no one knows, but I am going ahead with the thought that its for good.

When I announced my engagement, Madhav, my ex-boss, was telling me that I would learn to be patient. How true he is!!! And sometime back, when Ramesh asked me if I am ready to travel even after marriage, I said yes. He responded back saying that life is not the same after marriage. How true again. Its not the same, and I can no longer go around taking decisions on my own. My decisions are going to affect others now, and thats a matter I need to take care. Gone are the days of decision making that suits me alone.

There was a time when talking to Dad was a dreaded thing, now, we discuss many things like friends. There was a time when I used to irritate Mom with all my nakras. Now, I get them back thru my dear hubby. Its my Parents time to laugh and enjoy at my plight of trying to adjust to these changes. But, again, thanks to them and Bala, I was able to get adjusted quickly. Things were bit tough for both of us initially, as we were used to staying alone. Now, its a different life.

I guess all married couples say the same. A good friend of mine was telling me that surviving the first year of marriage is tough and the next challenge comes at 5 years. And after that, if there are issues, then, we had been acting all through these years. I feel its right. You learn a lot in the first year and then more in the coming years.

Thats all for now, will be catching up with blogging soon.....

Saturday, June 23

Sutti Veerabhadra Rao - 60th Birth Anniversary and 20th Death Anniversary

Articles : Movie Retrospect : naalugu stambhaalaaTa - 1982 : "One sad thing is that I worked with sutti Veerabhadra Rao gaaru for his first and last films. In fact, he did the last shooting with me for his last film! (choopulu kalasina SubhavELa). I think that the title song of the movie is the only duet between two males in the whole film history. He's a very nice person. ...Today, if I look back, I am really grateful to Navata Krishnam Raju gaaru, my guruvu gaaru who gave me a wonderful debut film, and Veerabhadra Rao gaaru with whom I acted in several memorable movies; all these have passed away now."

The above is an excerpt from an interview given by Naresh on Sri. Sutti Veerabhadra Rao. Famous as Sutti Janta, Sri Veerabhadra Rao hails from Vijayawada, worked in AIR, Vijayawada and was a theatre artist before he forayed into the films through Jandhyala's Nalugusthambalata. Well, though Nalaugusthambalata is said to be his first hit film.

His BirthAnniversary falls on 30th of June, and incidentally, in 1988, it was on the same day that he demised, the day of his birth. This year, its his 60th birth anniversary and 20th Death anniversary. Being his neice from his wife's side, I had a great time with him. I remember him as an uncle who used to take a lot of care for us the kids. He is a loving person, yet, as a kid, I was scared of him, for he used to scold me for my mischiefs.

The news of his demise was sudden and unexpected, and he left his family of two kids and wife behind, to survive in this world on their own. Through his blessings and God's blessings, they are well settled now, in their lives.

When Dad told me that Akka and Anna are arranging for the celebration of uncle's birth anniversary at Vijayawada, a place where he spent more than half of his life, I recollected those old memories. And thought of putting them here.

There are many great artists in this land and few could rise to fame, and of them, few could enjoy it. he is among the one who could rise to fame but could not enjoy it. He left this world for ever in 1988, but, he was there with us guiding usat every step and taking care of us, reminding us that he is watching us. He is still with us, watching us, doing something in his memory. He is one of my great uncles, one who could never be erased out of memory.