Saturday, June 23

Sutti Veerabhadra Rao - 60th Birth Anniversary and 20th Death Anniversary

Articles : Movie Retrospect : naalugu stambhaalaaTa - 1982 : "One sad thing is that I worked with sutti Veerabhadra Rao gaaru for his first and last films. In fact, he did the last shooting with me for his last film! (choopulu kalasina SubhavELa). I think that the title song of the movie is the only duet between two males in the whole film history. He's a very nice person. ...Today, if I look back, I am really grateful to Navata Krishnam Raju gaaru, my guruvu gaaru who gave me a wonderful debut film, and Veerabhadra Rao gaaru with whom I acted in several memorable movies; all these have passed away now."

The above is an excerpt from an interview given by Naresh on Sri. Sutti Veerabhadra Rao. Famous as Sutti Janta, Sri Veerabhadra Rao hails from Vijayawada, worked in AIR, Vijayawada and was a theatre artist before he forayed into the films through Jandhyala's Nalugusthambalata. Well, though Nalaugusthambalata is said to be his first hit film.

His BirthAnniversary falls on 30th of June, and incidentally, in 1988, it was on the same day that he demised, the day of his birth. This year, its his 60th birth anniversary and 20th Death anniversary. Being his neice from his wife's side, I had a great time with him. I remember him as an uncle who used to take a lot of care for us the kids. He is a loving person, yet, as a kid, I was scared of him, for he used to scold me for my mischiefs.

The news of his demise was sudden and unexpected, and he left his family of two kids and wife behind, to survive in this world on their own. Through his blessings and God's blessings, they are well settled now, in their lives.

When Dad told me that Akka and Anna are arranging for the celebration of uncle's birth anniversary at Vijayawada, a place where he spent more than half of his life, I recollected those old memories. And thought of putting them here.

There are many great artists in this land and few could rise to fame, and of them, few could enjoy it. he is among the one who could rise to fame but could not enjoy it. He left this world for ever in 1988, but, he was there with us guiding usat every step and taking care of us, reminding us that he is watching us. He is still with us, watching us, doing something in his memory. He is one of my great uncles, one who could never be erased out of memory.

Thursday, May 10

Britain's Blair says he is resigning - Yahoo! News

Britain's Blair says he is resigning - Yahoo! News: "'When I first started in politics, I wanted to please everyone,' Blair said during a tour of the Middle East in December. 'After a time I learned that you can't please everyone, and you learn that the best thing is to do what you think is right and everyone can make their judgment.'"
I had been a fan for Blair for a long time. The year he became the Prime Minister of Britain, many a thing happened. Mother Teressa has reached the abode of Almighty, Pricess Diana left the world in a tragic accident that became a major controversy for the Royal Family, and many others. I remember these three cos, I always wanted to meet Mother and spend some time with her. I loved Pricess Diana for what she is. And then the Prime Minister, it was a big news. The other Prime Minsiter of Britain whom I remember and admired a lot is Margaret Thatcher. The news headline that Blair is resigning has caught my eyes instantly. And then the words I had mentioned here.

He might have been wrong in the eyes of public by sending troops to Iraq. Its a mistake even in my view. But, then, standing for what you believe in to be right and doing what you think is right, rather than doing things to please others is something that I admire. Iraq could have been avoided from the current day situation had it been handled differently. But, thats History and history should not be repeated atleast in issues of these sort. Making mistakes is the nature of humans and if we can find a human in the world who never does a mistake, then its a miracle. Cos, even Gods do mistakes.

Well, when Mr.Blair became a PM, I was stepping into the life. The life that comes after completing the basic education. I learnt a lot in life in the past decade. I used to do so many things just to please others. Then, I learnt many a lesson from the blows I got by trying to please everyone. Luckily, I got a friend, a wellwisher, a colleague, and a manager, all in the smae person, who advised me to do things only when I think its right. Then, I also had another manager who told me that doing things that make me happy is the best than doing things for others. Following their advices, I am a different person today.

Friday, April 20

Power of Love

Love is blind say many. Not sure if its true. But, the power of love is tremendous. Its makes u do those tasks willingly, which u normally hate. it makes the world around u so beautiful. Time flies away quickly. You forget everyone and everything around you.

Suddenly, one fine day u realise that you have beendoing things differently. You look at the world around you only to find that there are many changes which went unnoticed, which would not have been the case earlier. You realise that you missed on some important events and that world is not the same anymore

Still, you love to remain the same person that you have been after falling in love. You cannot stop urself from doing certain things, and world is never the same now. Its a different one. Life remains beautiful.

Women in the world today

Going through the news, I realised that if Democrats win the elections, as per the current standings, it could be either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack OBama who win the elections. If either wins, its gonna be a history. USA, in its more than 400 years of existence, has never had a woman as a President. Nor an African American as a president. We need to see the results for identifying the candidate from Democrats.

In the mean time, I was curious to know on how many women are there in the senate. I was surprised to see that its 16 out of 100 seats. 16% is too less, thats what I thought. Out of curiosity, I checked the count for Indian parliament. I was astonished to find that its 42 out of 542. less than 10% and greater than 8%.

One thing is sure, the representation of women in the Government is less everywhere in the world. one more thing I identified is that, the issues are same for women across the world, the same fears, the same sort of prejudices, etc.

Not sure when this would change. THere is no point in having some rallies or movements when something goes wrong. I feel that its the basic attitude that should change, for both men and women.

Many speak of independence. I would quote Stephan R Covey in his book "7 habits of the highly successful people" and say that interdependence is more important and plays a major role. WE, men and women are interdependent on each other and the day we realise it and act accordingly, some issues could be resolved immediately. these are my thoughtts

Tuesday, February 20

Fun of working with my org

I really enjoy my work place and the thought that I may have to leave it soon is like making me dull.

I happen to be one of the first few employees, took an active part in many activities and still taking. I enjoyed and enjoy each end every moment here. I love the freedom I get to do the work I love to do and enjoy more. I love the attention the management pays for each employee and the support they give for us, in professional and personal things. They make sure that we have a comfortable personal life so that we can work well at office.

and women in general, they do enjoy the benefits of working from home when required, and all support is given to them when it is crucial for them. Most important, when they are married.

Who does not love the company that pays personal attention and shows intrest on your growth and personal happiness? But, there is a catch here, you should be a performing person to enjoy these. Yep, we perform, keep the management happy and they keep us happy.

one more thing is that we have the immense satisfaction of shaping the future and growth of a company. We have a part to play in many activities and our suggestions are valued.

all these good things, they make me feel like I am going away from my family. This became my family in the last few years I had been here. We shared all the moments, good and bad, developed the bonding, and a huge raport. I do call up some of our management guys on their mobile, even our COO, when I feel like talking to them.

I am really happy that I am here. When I joined in 2004, I was 26th employee and 18th IT employee. Today, we have 500+ Work force. And am happy to be part of it and having a taken the right decision to relocate to Chennai on the night I got the call for interview from Chennai. Aryagowda road. ...

Chennai and Me - 1

First time I visited chennai was in 1985 I think, when I was doing my 4th standard.

I was overawed and and also confused on seeing huge roads, the big flyovers (Gemini and Kodambakkam), the parks, etc.

We got down at Central, and then reached Mambalam busstand (TNagar) to go to my aunt's house. they were put up near to the bus stand and we got lost. Cos, dad cannot speak Tamil and no one spoke any other language here.

My maternal aunt was at Kodambakkam and uncle as a film actor. He is no more now. But, then, he was a popular actor. There were always some one at home when he was at home.

We made this trip to Chennai as a part of the trip that we make to different places once in 4 years. We visited Snake park, some temples, and then, headed to Bangalore, to another aunt's place, from where we headed to Mysore. That was a different story at Mysore.

But, this first trip has still some memories, like the smell of the fish that comes when u get down at Central (you can still get it, but only on platform 2 now :-) ), the huge roads, the big trees, the magnificient Gemini flyover with different ways, endless roads, the vast mount road and the old buildings, and then, the famous sundalu from marina beach.

Many of them are gone now, or changed. But, the initial memories have not yet faded :-)

I made many trips later, and am now at Chennai. different experiences in each trip and I will note them here, sooner or later...

Changes in personal life

Life has been pretty hectic these days... for a change, not work. Getting married and relocating, I have to take care of lot of activities on personal front and also take care of some of the things related to marriage.

Its tough initially managing all these, but, now, i am getting used to that. These changes in personal life that are going to happen soon had stopped me from updating my blogs frequently. I guess that it may not happen till I get married.

Wednesday, January 3

Something weird early in the morning

I could not sleep for a long time. The temp is around 0c outside and heaters are not proving to be effective for me. I thought to get up and work , switching on the local fm radio for Boston.

Well, suddenly a call comes in and a lady informs that an unemployed person with a cell phone has been picked by the dump pick truck. The guy was taken by mistake and finally comes out of the dump box thanks to the cops.

All this, happening early in the morning between 5:00am and 7:00am