Monday, October 23

Diwali is different this time. We actually planned to travel to my native, myself and my sis. However, our parents came here and we had celebrations with our aunt's family.

The Diya's were lighted in the traditional way and the house was decorated. We even lighted few candles inside the house. The house is a recent construction and is getting decorated for the first time for Diwali.

While decoration is going on, Kids have started playing the crackers. Teanants of the houses as well as my cousin's cousin's too joined.. Flowerpots, CRackers, Bombs, Shooting stars, Rockets, all these were fired.
Though the day started with a mishap of losing some jewellery, it ended peacefully, with out any problems

Some more memories soon

Monday, October 9

Photoshow for my cousins :-)

The above is the photoshow I had prepared using the snaps of our cousins pets.