Wednesday, December 27

School Days - III

Thanks to DVD, I was able to travel with out issues, he provided a two wheeler for the day.
I went to school straight and met Sister Josy there. I also met Hymavathy teacher and Padmini teacher.

I met some students from Class X, and spoke with them. I learnt from Sister Josy that Santosh, the watch man, and Adam, the keeper for Dogs and pets, have died. Deshpathi sir has retired. Sister Lancy died two years back with Kidney failure. One of the Daisy sisters is at Papua New Guinea, Sister Daisy Jacob. And the other at Vizag.
Sundari teacher is no longer at School, same with Francilla teacher and Shanthi teacher. Kamala teacher and Hemasundari teacher (Hindi) are still there.
Ramarao sir has baldened and Anjaneyulu sir lost his teeth. I also met Kamala's sister, who is working as a teacher there. LEarnt from her that Kamala is working at Mandavelli as a teacher, married to another teacher and has a son. I met Neeraja who is working as a teacher at Avanigadda. She recently lost her younger brother and staying with her second sister and aunt. She lost her parents couple of years back, one after another, and is still unmarried.
Meeting all these people was good. I then met DVD, Amarnadh and Poorna. Meeting all these people in a day, sharing some memories and then returning back home with a pleasant and happyy mind, that was the intention, well acheived.

Monday, December 18

School Days - II

One day, I had this urge to talk to some one from the teaching fraternity and checked the number for school on internet. it was past 9:00pm in India then, I still called one number. Then another number.

I got response from the second number, through which i was able to get in touch with Sr.Josy, the new HM.

After talking to her, and sharing some details about the teachers, I fekt that I should visit the place. I told her that I would be coming on Monday, the following, as I had planned to visit VJA already.

I called DVD, my classmate from school and informed him the same. I also requested him to arrange a vehicle, a two wheeler, so that I can travel without any problem in MTM.

I informed my parents too about the same. Dad said that I can travel, after completing some bank work on Monday.

Come Monday morning, and I was in double thoughts, should I or should I not travel. Earlier, I missed the marriages of a couple of classmates in the same manner.

I see a missed call from MTM code and find that DVD called me to inform me of the vehicle and also check when I am starting. I told him I will start after the work around 11, and I wanted to stick to that.

So, I complete the work, go the Busstand and board the Bus to MTM. I was lucky to get a Non-Stop just before it started to leave the bay.

to be continuted...


Surprises and shocks
Pleasant memories
Forgettable events
Cherishing moments
Caring family
Loving friends
Hating people
Memorable minutes
Unexpected turns
Twists that keep changing
Loops that never end
Relationships that last for ever
This is life

My Thoughts

A thought comes my way
Asking me my accomplishments
Proding into my life
Find that there are none

Another thought comes my way
Asking me about my well wishers
A check at my friends list
I find there are many

Yet another thought comes my way
Reminds me of my goals
One is acheived I answer it
Another is to be acheived I tell it

Wednesday, December 13

School Days - 1

It is 14 years since I came out of my school and 15th year is going on. I am not an active person then, as I am now. Still, I consider that I am active enough.

We were two sections, nearly 65 each, 4 groups, teasings, fights, arguments, fun, everything, it was part and parcel of life then.

After school, I lost touch with many. I wanted to get in touch with them again, and thanks to net, I am able to. Its an old story now.

We formed a group, and slowly, one by one, the class in getting in touch with each other.

Well, some thing happened in the past few days. The rest of the series will cover what has happened on each day.