Tuesday, March 18

Long long time....

It has been a very long time since I posted here. Last was during my uncle's shashtyabda poorthi celebrations. So many events happened after that.

We recently celebrated our first marriage anniversary. when I look back, I realise that there has been a major change in this year. Change seems to be sticking with me, becoming my fav blog topic. This time, the change came in persona, the lifestyle, the surroundings. In single word, the world around me has changed. Good or bad, no one knows, but I am going ahead with the thought that its for good.

When I announced my engagement, Madhav, my ex-boss, was telling me that I would learn to be patient. How true he is!!! And sometime back, when Ramesh asked me if I am ready to travel even after marriage, I said yes. He responded back saying that life is not the same after marriage. How true again. Its not the same, and I can no longer go around taking decisions on my own. My decisions are going to affect others now, and thats a matter I need to take care. Gone are the days of decision making that suits me alone.

There was a time when talking to Dad was a dreaded thing, now, we discuss many things like friends. There was a time when I used to irritate Mom with all my nakras. Now, I get them back thru my dear hubby. Its my Parents time to laugh and enjoy at my plight of trying to adjust to these changes. But, again, thanks to them and Bala, I was able to get adjusted quickly. Things were bit tough for both of us initially, as we were used to staying alone. Now, its a different life.

I guess all married couples say the same. A good friend of mine was telling me that surviving the first year of marriage is tough and the next challenge comes at 5 years. And after that, if there are issues, then, we had been acting all through these years. I feel its right. You learn a lot in the first year and then more in the coming years.

Thats all for now, will be catching up with blogging soon.....