Tuesday, June 28

So Much in common, yet...

This is an image taken by a friend at Yjog Jakarta and I borrowed the image as I could not make it to the place.

Shown in the picture is the birth of Buddha.

If I had not mentioned about the place, then, many could easily take it for Indian Art. Just notice the striking resemblances between this image and the images seen in Indian temples.

Even culture is similar. At many places over SE Asia, greeting people with "Folded hands" is common. They eat rice and other vegetables. Traditional houses are similar to Indian dwellings.

I had been to a museum in Jakarta, and there in the displays, I happened to notice the script of Tamil as in Pallava period. The rituals followed are same as what we follow in India.

So much in common, yet so much difference. Difference in the practices of religion, dressing, all came over the time.

If a land as far as Indonesia can have so much in common, Pallavas ruled it during 12th century is a fact, but 12th century is long back, will we not have much in common with our neighbours? Those neighbours with whom we separated only 50 years back. I cant understand why the hatred is being pursued instead of brotherhood?

Personally, I would like to travel to any part in Subcontinent, without visa, safe and happily, visit all the lands where our ancestors dwelled, and make friends with the locals. Is my dream possbile to become true? Time has to reveal...

Wednesday, June 8

Change in Lifestyles....

India is divided - not on political issues or issues of borders. But it is divided in terms of values, culture, climate, languages, etc. Division on the basis of language, climate and cultural aspects is a fact known to many. We all read during school that "India is land of diversity...", we named that division as diversity.

The difference is that this cultural diversity has increased with new variations of existing culture coming into effect as well as new definitions for age old values sprouting up. Change is seen in all areas, making this diversity a striking fact. Change is common and it is to welcomed. Else, life would be monotnous and dull. But, this change also effects human relations, thinking, it effects every walk of life.

It is this change that is seen today, making the youth confused, making the generation gap visible in people who are born with two to three years of difference, etc. Sometimes, its even spoiling the relationships with elders.

Increased death rate by heart failure in youngsters and youth due as a result of increased stress levels, increasing display of carefree attitude, loss of childhood for kids, all these are effects of change in a negative way.

Gone are the days when being a child meant enjoying the life they wish, without caring for exams or competition or high percentage or rather homework. Very few kids of today are enjoying these pleasures, pleasures that are very valuable to a kid.

Gone are the days when majority of the woman are confined to the thresholds of the house and men recognised as bread winners for the family. Roles have reversed in many families. A girl in the family reaching 18 years means its time to search for groom is a bygone in many families, yet its the situation for many a gal.

Women are reaching out to the world, extending their career, yet, there are instances of foetus deaths and child marriages. Men being subjected to harrasment is as common as women facing the harrasment. Unfortunately, only woes of a woman are spoken out and considered by many. It is still a common notion that Men are meant to be brave, never let their emotions out; Women are weak by nature, they should limit themselves to softwork.

All the above points would be the point of focus for some of my bolg entries. I have my thoughts and feelings on the above issues. Many times, I feel that we are fooling ourselves in the name of values and many times leading a wayward life on the name of freedom. I want to put my feelings and thoughts in writing. I invite discussions on these issues, cos, I believe that sharing of thoughts would always enlighten a person and an healthy argument is required in every aspect, to know the other side of the coin.

All these are my thoughts, the thoughts that crop in my mind when I think of any thing, and these include both negative and positive thinking.


Now, the style of this blog would change, the change is to be seen and felt, and am not going to reveal anything. Its not going to be a drastic change, that is for sure. As a friend said some time back, "No change that comes overnight stays for ever". He also said that "Those who display drastic change should not be trusted"

There was a time when many used to say to me "Kiran, you got to change","Kiran, change this xxx habbit to yyyyy" or like that. I used to try and at the same time fail. I was getting irritated when people told me the same. Let me tell you, many of these people were my colleagues, and now I would say happily, my wellwishers and friends. I could not answer them back for two reasons: firstly the respect and high regards I hold for them and secondly some of them are my seniors, very seniors to me at work

One fine day, when yet another colleague, whom I again treat with High respect was telling me the same, I was out of control and then asked him "why is it that every one asks me to change this and change that attitude/habbit of mine. And yet, when I change, they keep on telling me the same"

Then he replied "You should never let change come in you because others want it, you should let it come because you want to. Unless you have the will to change, and the change comes naturally, it is not a change, it is an act. No change happens overnight, it is a process that takes its own time, which cannot be defined. And if a person displays a change overnight, one should never trust him"

Thanks to him and his words, I understood where I was faltering and now, I am not the same person I was 2 years before. I was not even the person I was six mnths back or one month back.

My current colleagues say that I am becoming more calm and that they cant understand the reason. I too dont know, but, one thing I understood is that I still feel the need to change and hence the slow transformation in me.

Sometimes, our innerself takes over the control of mind and drives us. And it can happen unknowingly. Whether this change is for good or bad, its time that would tell. And its the same in my situation also now. :-)

One year on Blogger

Time flys very fast, and it also treasures many a moments. Its an year since I started blogging and thats where I say time flied very fast.

Many things / events happened in this year, learnt a lot of lessons, met with changes in life, got new friends, visited new places, lots and lots of things. When I think about them, I feel like, its a long long ago. But still, its like yesterday.

Thanks a ton to Blogger for helping me in discovering my self and learning things about others.