Saturday, November 8

Who is the Author with a tone of Anti India?????

No permanent babus for the US president to deal with - Yahoo! India News: "No permanent babus for the US president to deal with

Fri, Nov 7 11:05 AM

Washington, Nov.7 (ANI): Imagine not inheriting a permanent bureaucracy. Freedom to bring in your own babus. It is every Indian politician's dream. Here in 'the land of the free', it is a privilege that the President enjoys. He is not encumbered with a permanent bureaucracy. So on January 20th, when President elect Barack Obama becomes President Obama, he will bring with him a whole new team."

The above is an extract of an article that I came across on Indian Portal of Yahoo.

I am really surprised at the Anti-Indian tone in the article. Looks like the Author does not have enough knowledge of the happenings, rather, would like to feign so.

India is one of the Bureaucratic countries with lot of policies, and has made a place for itself in the world, with its Bureaucracy and policies. Its true that there are lot of visible differences in the governing. How about the invisible similarities? And for those people who say that the system is better here in USA, I would say that the life is much better in India.

You have many freedoms and there are no bills that watch the steps of an individual. While people who commit crimes cannot escape here, there are many innocent people who cannot escape the eyes of non-innocent, using the same technology. An identity of the person is based on the records stored in a computer, and if they are lost, the identity is lost. The bright side here is that, if you mind your business, take care and get into a good job, the life here is peaceful and serene. You can spend vacations at good places making use of deals, visit India with pomp and grandeur, thanks to the difference in Monetary conversion.

There are many things that are better in India, and it would be better if these columnists highlight the good things of India. I would say that every country has its good and bad, just like every individual has both the characteristics imbibed in them. It all depends on the outlook, and media should be playing a positive role on this, instead of making things hard.