Thursday, November 25

Aftermath of DaVinci Code

When I read DaVinci Code, I was so curious and excited that I searched the net for info and posted a blog immediately. But then, like many other things, the initial excitement died soon. It doesnt mean that there are no questions now, I do still have them, but only the excitement has been lost.

I was relocating after that and the process of relocating and then getting adjusted to a new place with a different language, thats taking its time and I couldnot post anything for quite few days.

When I read Davinci Code, I was totally unaware of its contents. But reading it has helped me in a way, to think different from the conventional way of thinking. Some have reacted to my earlier post. I thank them for taking their time offf to post their views. These comments have given me a new way to analyse my thoughts. I had decided at the time of writing that post only, that I should be able to take people's reaction in a cool way. Hence, I couldnot get any sort of feeling.

I was discussing this book with some colleagues and many took it the way they take other books, saying a book of fiction needs to be treated that way. But, some have shown a different reaction. Many couldnot bear the thought that Jesus might have been married.

I dont say them wrong, but there are certain things which we dont know and to stick to a single thought for such things is not my way. hence I found it amusing. All these books have been written or carried over by word of mouth. We have seen many instances of Historical data being rewritten to suit the convenience. And its a well known fact that a word tends to get distorted after going through a number of people. (Telephone game that children pla is a good example for that). I am sure many might have experienced the scenario where they receive the message they sent originally, some times in a mutiliated form.

All this does not mean to support the thought, but, there are chances that the truth for many things might be different from what we know today. And sometimes, the truth can be proved and some times not. But in allc ases, the people who were present at the time might know the truth, I say might cos there are certain classic cases where people who were present on the scene of happening does not know what happened exactly.

Anyway, its Time that has to cooperate with all the historians who are trying to find the truth, truth for many controversial issues and I wish them good luck.