Saturday, April 30

StumbleUpon Reviews

StumbleUpon Reviews: "StumbleUpon is a network of people and pages. It is a free tool which helps you browse, review and share webpages while meeting new people."

Encyclopedia Mythica: Hindu mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica: Hindu mythology: "Hindu mythology

by Bernard Doyle

The Hindus have created a rich, complex mythology which is still very much alive. Hundreds of millions of people continue to believe in the multitudes of gods which inhabit the Hindu pantheon. This tapestry of religion is the result of millennia of integration. The Indian sub-continent has been a crossroad for several cultures, and the Indian people have incorporated numerous ideas from different faiths."

I was searching for some extensions for firefox and came across one for Stumble. This is a tool bar in Firefox that helps you in reaching across different sites on internet, based on ur intrests. Mythology, being a favorite subject of mine, I went for that and in the search, I came across this site. This site lists mythology of different races.

I got to study the articles on this, for the above article, though informative is also going against certain established beliefs. Initial reaction is "no, it cant be", but then, another thought made me to think rational. Let me read and give my reviews here

Friday, April 29

Working from new office

Finally, we shifted to the new compound and this is much spacious and bigger than the old one. We have everything seggregated according to team. And even things are falling place for me at work with the client.

Time to spend more time on learning as well as work.

Friday, April 22

Working late

These days, due to work pressure, I am not getting time to make any entries, stay in touch with friends or any side activity apart from work.

Its becoming common for me to sit late at night and leave in the morning. Soemtimes, I sit for work, sometimes, sicne it became late and I cant get any transportation, I had to sit late and leave in morning.

when I sit late, people start gasping, you are a gal/lady, you got to leave early. you cant sit late blah blah blah. If I start late from work place, then I get the comments, you cant go out late at night, you ae lady, chennai is not safe at night times, blah blah blah.

And then my parents call me and tell me you got to leave your job if you want to sit late, you have to get married and our culture doesnt accept this.

God, I donno how many things I have to hear everyday. I have some goals and plans. To reach them, I got to prove that I am capable of doing anything. And its common to get hurdles at workplace, for some reason we will be having problems. And while the job is to deal with clients, we will be having more pressure than usual. Cos, we have to meet the expectations of both the management and the client. If anyone is not satisfied, life is nothing but hell.

And I am facing similar situation, to comeout of it, I need to put in extra effort. And for that I need to sit late. They dont understand this and say if you want, you work from home.

Well, if I am put up with parents or if I am on my own/place I can set according to my wish, I can do as I wish. I am put up with my aunt, whose relatives also stay in same compound. Though she takes care to provide me with good comfort and food, as well as keep track of my well being and some minor tasks, there are some limitations that could not be explained. Cos of them, I feel uncomfortable. But, still I stay there, cos of her. She is my aunt and I cant hurt her.

Now that we are shifting to a new office, I am thinking that if the distance increases, I will look for an apartment near office and shift.

let me see.