Saturday, June 23

Sutti Veerabhadra Rao - 60th Birth Anniversary and 20th Death Anniversary

Articles : Movie Retrospect : naalugu stambhaalaaTa - 1982 : "One sad thing is that I worked with sutti Veerabhadra Rao gaaru for his first and last films. In fact, he did the last shooting with me for his last film! (choopulu kalasina SubhavELa). I think that the title song of the movie is the only duet between two males in the whole film history. He's a very nice person. ...Today, if I look back, I am really grateful to Navata Krishnam Raju gaaru, my guruvu gaaru who gave me a wonderful debut film, and Veerabhadra Rao gaaru with whom I acted in several memorable movies; all these have passed away now."

The above is an excerpt from an interview given by Naresh on Sri. Sutti Veerabhadra Rao. Famous as Sutti Janta, Sri Veerabhadra Rao hails from Vijayawada, worked in AIR, Vijayawada and was a theatre artist before he forayed into the films through Jandhyala's Nalugusthambalata. Well, though Nalaugusthambalata is said to be his first hit film.

His BirthAnniversary falls on 30th of June, and incidentally, in 1988, it was on the same day that he demised, the day of his birth. This year, its his 60th birth anniversary and 20th Death anniversary. Being his neice from his wife's side, I had a great time with him. I remember him as an uncle who used to take a lot of care for us the kids. He is a loving person, yet, as a kid, I was scared of him, for he used to scold me for my mischiefs.

The news of his demise was sudden and unexpected, and he left his family of two kids and wife behind, to survive in this world on their own. Through his blessings and God's blessings, they are well settled now, in their lives.

When Dad told me that Akka and Anna are arranging for the celebration of uncle's birth anniversary at Vijayawada, a place where he spent more than half of his life, I recollected those old memories. And thought of putting them here.

There are many great artists in this land and few could rise to fame, and of them, few could enjoy it. he is among the one who could rise to fame but could not enjoy it. He left this world for ever in 1988, but, he was there with us guiding usat every step and taking care of us, reminding us that he is watching us. He is still with us, watching us, doing something in his memory. He is one of my great uncles, one who could never be erased out of memory.