Friday, September 10

Ask Yahoo - Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is formed by the Bermuda Islands, southern Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. A number of ships and aircraft have vanished without a trace while passing through this area. National Geographic Magazine says it's the world's greatest modern mystery.
On January 8, 1962, a
KB-50 aerial tanker disappeared over the Triangle. The press claimed the plane crashed headlong into the sea, but later reports disproved the media's account. No single piece of evidence was found. This wasn't the first spooky disappearance. The craft and crew of Flight 19 in 1945 and the NC-16002 in 1948 shared similar fates.
theories have attempted to explain the strange phenomenon. According to the magnetic variation theory, the Bermuda Triangle (one of two places on Earth where a magnet compass points true north) causes navigational instruments to go haywire and send crafts off course. Other theories claim the Triangle is a gateway to alien worlds. Still others claim the area also known as the "Devil's Triangle" is a time warp.