Thursday, May 10

Britain's Blair says he is resigning - Yahoo! News

Britain's Blair says he is resigning - Yahoo! News: "'When I first started in politics, I wanted to please everyone,' Blair said during a tour of the Middle East in December. 'After a time I learned that you can't please everyone, and you learn that the best thing is to do what you think is right and everyone can make their judgment.'"
I had been a fan for Blair for a long time. The year he became the Prime Minister of Britain, many a thing happened. Mother Teressa has reached the abode of Almighty, Pricess Diana left the world in a tragic accident that became a major controversy for the Royal Family, and many others. I remember these three cos, I always wanted to meet Mother and spend some time with her. I loved Pricess Diana for what she is. And then the Prime Minister, it was a big news. The other Prime Minsiter of Britain whom I remember and admired a lot is Margaret Thatcher. The news headline that Blair is resigning has caught my eyes instantly. And then the words I had mentioned here.

He might have been wrong in the eyes of public by sending troops to Iraq. Its a mistake even in my view. But, then, standing for what you believe in to be right and doing what you think is right, rather than doing things to please others is something that I admire. Iraq could have been avoided from the current day situation had it been handled differently. But, thats History and history should not be repeated atleast in issues of these sort. Making mistakes is the nature of humans and if we can find a human in the world who never does a mistake, then its a miracle. Cos, even Gods do mistakes.

Well, when Mr.Blair became a PM, I was stepping into the life. The life that comes after completing the basic education. I learnt a lot in life in the past decade. I used to do so many things just to please others. Then, I learnt many a lesson from the blows I got by trying to please everyone. Luckily, I got a friend, a wellwisher, a colleague, and a manager, all in the smae person, who advised me to do things only when I think its right. Then, I also had another manager who told me that doing things that make me happy is the best than doing things for others. Following their advices, I am a different person today.