Friday, April 20

Power of Love

Love is blind say many. Not sure if its true. But, the power of love is tremendous. Its makes u do those tasks willingly, which u normally hate. it makes the world around u so beautiful. Time flies away quickly. You forget everyone and everything around you.

Suddenly, one fine day u realise that you have beendoing things differently. You look at the world around you only to find that there are many changes which went unnoticed, which would not have been the case earlier. You realise that you missed on some important events and that world is not the same anymore

Still, you love to remain the same person that you have been after falling in love. You cannot stop urself from doing certain things, and world is never the same now. Its a different one. Life remains beautiful.

Women in the world today

Going through the news, I realised that if Democrats win the elections, as per the current standings, it could be either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack OBama who win the elections. If either wins, its gonna be a history. USA, in its more than 400 years of existence, has never had a woman as a President. Nor an African American as a president. We need to see the results for identifying the candidate from Democrats.

In the mean time, I was curious to know on how many women are there in the senate. I was surprised to see that its 16 out of 100 seats. 16% is too less, thats what I thought. Out of curiosity, I checked the count for Indian parliament. I was astonished to find that its 42 out of 542. less than 10% and greater than 8%.

One thing is sure, the representation of women in the Government is less everywhere in the world. one more thing I identified is that, the issues are same for women across the world, the same fears, the same sort of prejudices, etc.

Not sure when this would change. THere is no point in having some rallies or movements when something goes wrong. I feel that its the basic attitude that should change, for both men and women.

Many speak of independence. I would quote Stephan R Covey in his book "7 habits of the highly successful people" and say that interdependence is more important and plays a major role. WE, men and women are interdependent on each other and the day we realise it and act accordingly, some issues could be resolved immediately. these are my thoughtts